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Watercolors on Canvas

All painting shown at this web site are


There are NO PRINTS or REPRODUCTIONS shown here




The artwork shown here are original transparent watercolors on a specially treated canvas for the purpose of using with watercolors.

The process is that once the painting is  completed, it is then treated with Golden Archival Varnish spray to seal the surface, building up at least three layers of varnish to protect the watercolors,  since it will not need to be covered by glass or Plexi glass  as traditional watercolors.

The painting can then be framed like any typical oil painting. The framed paintings here are with a frame of gold color on a wood frame- without glass or Plexi glass.  The unframed painting can be framed by individual preference or it may be hung frameless since the  sides of canvas are painted as in a contination of the painting.

If you have any questions concerning this technique please contact Caroline at 701.776.6194 or   


A Piece of the Rainbow

Happy State of Mind

Joy to the World
Perfect Form Begins Here ND Lives Free
Everything Needed Magic Box  





(Flags shown below)


The three flag painting shown here

were commission by

Nancy Rameden

Rugby, North Dakota

They are watercolor on watercolor canvas and
design to be hung frameless and
as one piece of artwork.
Each panel is 36" x